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Dandelion drops



Buzzing around.


As we sit on our back deck, these Bees hover nearby.  They aren’t aggressive, just annoying.  I wasn’t sure what type of Bees they were, so I looked it up (ahhhh, the internet :),  they are Carpenter Bees.  I found these buzzing around the neighbors Dogwood tree.








something new… everyday

 Nature is incredible… each day I see a new bud, flower, leaf, plant… it really is amazing how much there is to see.  These buds appeared the other day, I have no idea what they are or what they will become, but it sure is fun watching them progress. 





It’s just the beginning…




A few close-ups of Spring (taken a few weeks ago).




Spring is here!

Blink and you will miss it! The beginning of Spring that is.  One day the tree branches are bare, then you notice small buds and then… bam… the trees have leaves!  It’s incredible, the different scents, colors, textures, shapes…. amazing.

I took the images below, of a Saucer-Cup Magnolia, on a bike ride in my neighborhood.  There are so many beautiful trees right outside my front door. :)





Signs of Spring… finally

Mid-to-late March we would typically head to Austin, on our trip we would see the wildflowers blooming.  Here, in Maryland, we are just now seeing the trees begin to show signs of Spring.  But, the signs are incredible.  There are so many different types of trees in our back yard, I am looking forward to watching them.  Not sure what this tree is, but it’s the first to blossom.


signs of spring

Rain.  A word that had almost disappeared from many of our vocabularies in Texas and other parts of the US.  I am happy to report, we are using that word again!  Yes, it has been raining…often.  In fact, with our warmer temperatures and new-found rain, plant are beginning to show signs of spring.

The pictures below are of plants in my back yard.  Photoshop & PhotoFrames definitely played a part in their processing.

Quince blossoms

Knock Out Roses