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snow’s still here



Yes, I said it… the snow is still here.  We do have patches of earth poking through, but I think it will be a while before it melts away completely.

I took this picture when my husband and I were xc skiing.  There was something about looking up into the trees that seemed so peaceful.


Is it cold there too?







The days have been cold, the nights colder.  -2 F was the lowest, at night. 7 F the highest, during the day.  And yes, those temperatures keep us indoors, for the most part.

These pictures were taken on days when it wasn’t so cold.  The top one is from Linn Run State Park in PA. I am guessing the high was 21 that day… it was also snowing.  And it was also FUN!  We kept warm with layers of smart wool, hats, gloves, lambs wool lined boots… we were prepared.

The lower image is from New Germany State Park after XC skiing.  It’s a beautiful park, 40 minutes from our home.  Lucky lucky us.

Linn Run

New Germany

On the road….

The last of the snow pictures.






Another snowy day



Actually, the snow has stopped falling (finally), these were taken a few weeks ago on one of our drives.

Perhaps the seeds were once thistle flowers, I am not sure.  I am also not sure what type of tracks are in the snow,  one lone animal, maybe a coyote.



More wind turbines

So majestic, towering over the trees.  They seem to go on forever.  When I took the second shot, all I could think about was hopping the fence and putting on my cross-country skis!  The service road next to the turbines looked like the perfect place to XC ski.




Amish Country

Such beautiful creatures.  And so healthy! I guess they have to be, they are working horses.  As we drove around the countryside in Pennsylvania, we passed may horse an buggies making their way to market, church, school…

These horses were waiting their turn in the snow-covered pastures.




Spring time in Western Maryland…. yep, we have 10 inches of snow in the yard!  Although the snow is beautiful to watch fall and a great subject, we are ready for some warmer weather.  It didn’t help much that we were in Austin a few weeks ago and the highs were in the low 90s and lows in the high 60s… and sunshine…. so nice.




Snow Day !

Our first big snow!  We waited and waited Tuesday evening for the snow to arrive, it was first scheduled for 6pm, then 8pm… finally it arrived around 10pm.  We woke to a beautiful soft snow cover on everything, even the tree branches where white.

Snow doesn’t stop the birds from coming out for breakfast.  I did put some seeds on the carport, out of the snow and wind, but they seem to like the bird feeders and ground below.


lamp post


birds snow

more snow

a few more pictures from yesterdays snow day



First Snow

There was a blanket of snow covering everything when I woke up.  It was so peaceful.  I put on some warm clothes, my fur-lined boots and grabbed my camera.  It was nice to hold my camera, it has been way to long.