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more dandelion drops



Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (in Texas)

As I was working in the garden a few days ago this beautiful butterfly paid me a visit.  He stayed long enough for me to go inside and get my camera (I thought for sure he would be gone by the time I returned).

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”  ~Rabindranath Tagore

just the one, for now


What a day, wonderful and long.  Our day began around 7am, leaving the house in 22 degree weather to this beautiful sunrise.  I couldn’t help but brave the cold to snap a few pictures. It amazes me every time I watch a sunrise or sunset how fast the colors in the sky change.  This sunrise was not what I stepped outside to this morning, but changed within the 5 minutes it took me to set up my tripod and capture the image.  We arrived home around 10pm, long after sunset (hopefully can capture the sunset during the next few days).

Always learning something new.



Although I have been holding a camera for 28 years (yikes, has it been that long) there are many many many things I am still learning.  I started taking pictures with my Dad’s old 35mm Konica camera on occasion,  then I attended a dark room class in college with the intention of setting up my own darkroom (always ‘good intentions’), after that I continued to shoot with film (purchased a 35mm Canon) until a bought a small digital point and shoot.  Finally, about 6 years ago I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon.  Since then I have moved on to a Nikon D300 (which by the way, I love).   Ok, now on to the point of this post, learning something new.

The basics: shooting in manual, understanding my camera, composition… -check.

Equipment: camera, lenses (always more on my list, yours too I imagine), tripod -check.

Software: PS4 (have it, can use some of it) -check

The elements: foggy mornings, really foggy mornings, dealing with the fog -no check here.

So, you can see the element are the actually the topic here.

Today I woke earlier than usual to head down to the beach.  I have been wanting to take some very slow shutter speed photos to get that washed out feeling of the surf, well, that did not happen as planned, but I did get some pictures that I like. What I learned today?  Fog=Water, which in turn means wet lenses.  I was shooting away, and then for some reason I looked at my lens. There was a layer of water on it!  I did not plan for this, I did not take my lens safe rag with me.  I typically don’t take everything everywhere (camera cases can only hold so much until they are too heavy to be comfortable carrying).  I used my cotton/polyester sweatshirt to dry my lens with.   I know, not the best ‘cloth’ to use, but it was either give that a try or head home.

In summary, I will begin to plan for the elements when I pack my gear from now on.  (I did plan for sand, I take cellophane and wrap each tripod foot, then over that I place a layer of aluminum foil to keep the cellophane in place, this protects the tripod from the sand)

There it was when I looked up :)



This morning I was sitting at my desk (I think I mentioned before, it’s really the dining room table) and when I looked out the window, there was the rose-bush looking back at me.  I picked up my camera, headed outside and took a few shots (more to come).  I thought the white frame looked nice for a change (instead of the usual black I seem to have a habit of selecting).

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.” Ziggy (comic strip created by Tom Wilson)