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more dandelion drops




Dandelion drops



Just yesterday I took a picture of a dandelion that was full, completely opened.  I thought that was so pretty, then today I noticed this one.  It had been misting all morning and the tiny droplets of water caught my eye.



dandelion water drop

the ants come marching…

Todays post was going to be another ‘something new’ post.  About nature again. About flowers again.  Yesterday I noticed another type of unfamiliar flower bud.  This morning the sun was just right, so I put on my micro lens and went to the backyard.  I didn’t even notice the ants until I was looking through the lens.  Bonus!

I do have one issue (ok, let’s say another) with macro photography, my eyesight.  Does anyone else have this issue.  I think the subject is in focus, and guess what- it’s not. I have started wearing my readers when I take a macro shot, not very convenient, but it works.  Ok, since I’m being honest, another issue is that I can’t seem to stay still.  Is it time to pull out the tripod for every shot I take? Ugh.  Do most of you use a tripod for Macros?  Any helpful tips?

The first picture, I just liked ;)  The second is, well… the ant.






macro…. bugs…..





a few flowers and a seed…

This little seed went floating by while I was watching birds in my backyard.  

It would not stay put for me to photograph.  A touch of water did the trick. 

Hey, where are you going?

The title was meant to be humorous.  The bee is flying away in the picture, I guess he didn’t feel like being photographed. Silly little bee.

In actuality, it’s a very serious title.  Did you know bees are disappearing? Since 2006 bee colonies have been on the decline, and  not just by a small amount.  Yes, we want honey to sweeten our hot tea, but there is so much more.  We NEED bees.  The way bees pollinate is very complex, so complex in fact that it has not been duplicated by scientist- not for lack of trying.  Follow the link for a bit more info.

As for the picture, I actually like it.  At first I was not sure about posting it, but I like how the bee is disappearing, moving on to the next blossom.




Basil and Bees


My Garden: tomatoes (as you have already heard ;), long beans (not sure I will plant these again, not much flavor), thyme, strawberries (these seem to grow all year), red bell peppers, parsley, tarragon, basil, rosemary, lemon balm (not sure what to do with this, it sure smells delicious) and mint (I know what to do with this- mojito’s).  I am also starting some potatoes.  Of all the plants in the garden, the basil grows the best.  Every year it comes back from seed, as did one tomato plant this year- the cherry tomatoes.

The bee in the image is on the basil, he was not alone the day I took this picture (with my micro lens).  Bees were happily buzzing all about, as where a few wasps- which I hear are good for a garden.





a bit more color to add to your day

We all have different likes and dislikes, different tastes, different ideas… the key word is different (I have written about this before), not right or wrong. Right?  haha

The reason I mention this is because when I showed my husband my tulip pictures, he really loved the one of  the fallen petals – me, well it’s ok.  So, it is interesting that I (or is it we: you and me?) post what I (we) like.  Should we post what we don’t like (not what we don’t like, but you get what I mean)?

where’s my macro ?!?


How many lenses can we carry?  It’s a kind of love/hate relationship, isn’t it? :)

Love: the possibilities, the accuracy, the DOP (depth of field)…

Hate: they are heavy, bulky, fragile…

Of course you can add to that list.  It seems that when I bring most of my lenses with me, I use only one… and you know what’s coming next…when I bring only one, well- where’s the one I need?  But, it’s ok.  It just means we have to think a bit more about the shot, and that can be a good thing.