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To me, there is something magical about fog.  It seems to soften the day.  Not only visually, but everything seems quieter.  When we lived in Texas, we had very little fog.  Here, in Western Maryland, let’s just say it seems to be almost a daily occurrence.  Sometimes the fog lasts only a few hours in the early morning and sometimes it lasts just about all day.  Although I use the term ‘fog’, what occurs is more like very low-lying clouds.


mist over field


March (the month) in Austin

ISO 100   1/80   F2.8


ISO 3200   1/80  F2.8


ISO 100   1/1600    F2.8


ISO 050   1/125   F14


It is hard to believe this is my first post for the month of April.  You would expect me to say time flies, but actually it has been standing still to me lately.  Not sure why, my brain seems to be on overtime, but my body says no.  I have had some type of cold/allergies on and off for the past 2 1/2 weeks, and I am about sick of it.  Unfortunately, I have not been the best patient, because as soon as I start to feel better…well, off I go to do something.

Today a nice cool front came in, 59 degrees, so I opened the back door and decided to blog.  The pictures added are from my Spring Break trip to Austin (except the plant, that is in my yard), all taken with the Sigma.  I am beginning to really love that little camera.