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snow’s still here



Yes, I said it… the snow is still here.  We do have patches of earth poking through, but I think it will be a while before it melts away completely.

I took this picture when my husband and I were xc skiing.  There was something about looking up into the trees that seemed so peaceful.


something new… everyday

 Nature is incredible… each day I see a new bud, flower, leaf, plant… it really is amazing how much there is to see.  These buds appeared the other day, I have no idea what they are or what they will become, but it sure is fun watching them progress. 





Horse Show

Ok, we did live in Texas, so you would think we would have attended a horse show before… nope.  That’s not to say I have not ridden a horse, in fact I love riding.  My daughters an I took lessons, English Riding lessons, several years ago.  Our neighbor (in Maryland) has a horse and participated in her first show a few weeks ago.  We went along to witness it.







We are surrounded by amazing rock structures where we live. I love it.  The striations in the rock caught my eye, then the train. I have always been fascinated with rocks!  Perhaps it started with a gift from my Grandfather, he  gave me a rock collection when I was young (which I still have) or from my father, he was a geologist, maybe it is hereditary.  


rock train 

sun train

rl train

bw train


Louisiana weekend

Recently we took a trip, to Louisiana.  First stop, Lafayette.  Shortly after we arrived we went out to dinner, to a local restaurant that does not rush anyone!  It was so nice to eat and drink and eat and drink and… well, you get the picture.  We had a nice beginning to our visit with our friends.  Next day, off to New Orleans.   The pictures below are from New Orleans, all from a local cemetery.  I still feel a bit strange posting pictures from a cemetery, but there was something so peaceful about that day.  Not just the cemetery, but we drove around the 9th Ward (where the levee broke during hurricane Katrina) and saw some very, well- depressing sites.  BUT (it’s nice to have a but here :), every person we saw, whether walking down the street, sitting on their porch, working on a house or passing us in a car waved at us! Some even said hello.

We also went to a Mardi Gras Ball… more on that later ( quite the educational weekend).







Before and After





Above is a before and after of an image I took in Austin last March.  I love working with black and white film, which I have not done in years, so I am giving photoshop editing a try.  I can still see my Dad in the bathroom of our old house in Houston, windows blacked out, chemical odors in the air, working on his black and whites.  One day I will post a few of his black and white images, they are my inspiration.