moments in focus…


DOF, trying to get a handle on it




If you follow my blog, you know I love a shallow DOF.  Lately I have been practicing a bit more, trying to improve.  I took these with a Micro (Nikon) lens, so I was very close.  Being so close even an fstop of 11 creates a shallow DOF (something I tend to forget).   More to come :)

f11 1_200f11  1/200


f3.3   1_1600

f3.3  1/1600


intimidation… can be a good thing

First of all, how many social media sites can one person have?  A WordPress site can connect with: FB, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Pocket, Google+, Pinterest and Reddit.  Not to mention you can create your own link if one of these does not strike your fancy.  Where am I going with this?  Well, when I create a new post, I also Tweet… simultaneously!  Yes, I am talented. Not only do I Tweet, but when I Flickr (I really do :), I WordPress.  I haven’t Google+’ed  in awhile, I guess I will look into that.  I have decided that just wasn’t enough!  I have added Instagram to my sidebar,  it’s a good place for my iphone images (since I really don’t post them here).  And the latest addition is 500px.  This is where intimidation comes in! 

500px is yet another site to upload images, but… it’s a bit different.  500px, based in Canada, created a very clean site for photographers to show their work.  This work I speak of is pretty amazing, actually I am a bit intimidated by the Popular photo gallery (when an image receives high ratings (from viewers) it goes to the Popular gallery).  Yes, there are ‘regular’ (is that bad of me to say ‘regular’) photos there too, they are just not in the Popular gallery, which is the gallery that appears on the main page.  I mentioned intimidation could be a good thing, typically I don’t think we feel this way.  As photographers I think we get in a lull, well… maybe not just photographers, it can happen in life.  I have blogged about this lull before, how I need something to get me moving sometimes after I feel… hmmmm, what is it, perhaps monotonous. This intimidation I feel for these beautiful images will (hopefully) push me to improve my skills. Did I just say  SKILLS?  It’s not really about the skills (for the most part) it’s about freeing myself, my imagination, my creativity… to foster expression & emotion in my photos.  

If you have not viewed   yet, you might enjoy it.  

After that long speech, what image should I upload?  I think I will upload the image I have on my 500px site (another problem with the social media sites, will they all end up having the same images?).  The picture below is one I took of my daughter last year. 


Cherry Blossoms

New place, new plants.  This tree, which is in our yard, was full of little white blossoms for about two weeks, now it’s all green… still very pretty.  Correct me if I’m wrong… but I believe this is a Cherry Blossom tree.




the beauty of night lights

The beautiful night sky compelled me to set up my tripod a few nights ago.  These are two of many (many, many…) shots I took that night. In the second shot, you can see the wind turbines’ red lights lining the hillside.



Buzzing around.


As we sit on our back deck, these Bees hover nearby.  They aren’t aggressive, just annoying.  I wasn’t sure what type of Bees they were, so I looked it up (ahhhh, the internet :),  they are Carpenter Bees.  I found these buzzing around the neighbors Dogwood tree.








something new… everyday

 Nature is incredible… each day I see a new bud, flower, leaf, plant… it really is amazing how much there is to see.  These buds appeared the other day, I have no idea what they are or what they will become, but it sure is fun watching them progress. 





It’s just the beginning…




A few close-ups of Spring (taken a few weeks ago).




Pretty in pink.




Spring is here!

Blink and you will miss it! The beginning of Spring that is.  One day the tree branches are bare, then you notice small buds and then… bam… the trees have leaves!  It’s incredible, the different scents, colors, textures, shapes…. amazing.

I took the images below, of a Saucer-Cup Magnolia, on a bike ride in my neighborhood.  There are so many beautiful trees right outside my front door. :)





birds, birds and more birds

Birds, another reason I love living where we do.  I have been watching this particular woodpecker work on this tree for weeks!  I don’t think it’s just food he is retrieving, I think he is making a home. As I type this I can hear him chirping.

Look there is (a) Robin, my Mother said to me once at birthday party, and I replied by saying – where’s batman.  No, unfortunately I was not making a joke!  I was 4 or 5 years old, and evidently I watched a lot of the Batman cartoons- Kazam…



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