moments in focus…





Closed. Well, that was last week. Today… OPEN.
Yes, this post could be one of those post that rants and raves about our most recent Governmental issue, but I imagine you have read, talked and heard enough. Although, I wonder sometimes if my age is the cause for my cynicism (an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest; skepticism) or is it the politician of today?
Cynicism… not a word I would EVER have thought could be used to describe me, I see myself as someone who generally thinks people are good, nice, loving…. and perhaps they are, but circumstances can create opportunity that shouldn’t always be taken.
As for the pictures, it was taken near Confluence, PA at Youghiogheny River Lake Park. Everything was bathed in fog during the early morning, so beautiful.


On the road


After being gone for two weeks, I am finally posting something. I went for a drive the other day to take pictures, this is one I took out the front windshield while driving. Hopefully I will post some of the other pictures I took with my camera soon, as this one was taken with my iPhone.


more dandelion drops



Dandelion drops



Just yesterday I took a picture of a dandelion that was full, completely opened.  I thought that was so pretty, then today I noticed this one.  It had been misting all morning and the tiny droplets of water caught my eye.



dandelion water drop

the ants come marching…

Todays post was going to be another ‘something new’ post.  About nature again. About flowers again.  Yesterday I noticed another type of unfamiliar flower bud.  This morning the sun was just right, so I put on my micro lens and went to the backyard.  I didn’t even notice the ants until I was looking through the lens.  Bonus!

I do have one issue (ok, let’s say another) with macro photography, my eyesight.  Does anyone else have this issue.  I think the subject is in focus, and guess what- it’s not. I have started wearing my readers when I take a macro shot, not very convenient, but it works.  Ok, since I’m being honest, another issue is that I can’t seem to stay still.  Is it time to pull out the tripod for every shot I take? Ugh.  Do most of you use a tripod for Macros?  Any helpful tips?

The first picture, I just liked ;)  The second is, well… the ant.






DOF, trying to get a handle on it




If you follow my blog, you know I love a shallow DOF.  Lately I have been practicing a bit more, trying to improve.  I took these with a Micro (Nikon) lens, so I was very close.  Being so close even an fstop of 11 creates a shallow DOF (something I tend to forget).   More to come :)

f11 1_200f11  1/200


f3.3   1_1600

f3.3  1/1600

intimidation… can be a good thing

First of all, how many social media sites can one person have?  A WordPress site can connect with: FB, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Pocket, Google+, Pinterest and Reddit.  Not to mention you can create your own link if one of these does not strike your fancy.  Where am I going with this?  Well, when I create a new post, I also Tweet… simultaneously!  Yes, I am talented. Not only do I Tweet, but when I Flickr (I really do :), I WordPress.  I haven’t Google+’ed  in awhile, I guess I will look into that.  I have decided that just wasn’t enough!  I have added Instagram to my sidebar,  it’s a good place for my iphone images (since I really don’t post them here).  And the latest addition is 500px.  This is where intimidation comes in! 

500px is yet another site to upload images, but… it’s a bit different.  500px, based in Canada, created a very clean site for photographers to show their work.  This work I speak of is pretty amazing, actually I am a bit intimidated by the Popular photo gallery (when an image receives high ratings (from viewers) it goes to the Popular gallery).  Yes, there are ‘regular’ (is that bad of me to say ‘regular’) photos there too, they are just not in the Popular gallery, which is the gallery that appears on the main page.  I mentioned intimidation could be a good thing, typically I don’t think we feel this way.  As photographers I think we get in a lull, well… maybe not just photographers, it can happen in life.  I have blogged about this lull before, how I need something to get me moving sometimes after I feel… hmmmm, what is it, perhaps monotonous. This intimidation I feel for these beautiful images will (hopefully) push me to improve my skills. Did I just say  SKILLS?  It’s not really about the skills (for the most part) it’s about freeing myself, my imagination, my creativity… to foster expression & emotion in my photos.  

If you have not viewed   yet, you might enjoy it.  

After that long speech, what image should I upload?  I think I will upload the image I have on my 500px site (another problem with the social media sites, will they all end up having the same images?).  The picture below is one I took of my daughter last year. 


Cherry Blossoms

New place, new plants.  This tree, which is in our yard, was full of little white blossoms for about two weeks, now it’s all green… still very pretty.  Correct me if I’m wrong… but I believe this is a Cherry Blossom tree.




the beauty of night lights

The beautiful night sky compelled me to set up my tripod a few nights ago.  These are two of many (many, many…) shots I took that night. In the second shot, you can see the wind turbines’ red lights lining the hillside.