moments in focus…



Just yesterday I took a picture of a dandelion that was full, completely opened.  I thought that was so pretty, then today I noticed this one.  It had been misting all morning and the tiny droplets of water caught my eye.



dandelion water drop


the ants come marching…

Todays post was going to be another ‘something new’ post.  About nature again. About flowers again.  Yesterday I noticed another type of unfamiliar flower bud.  This morning the sun was just right, so I put on my micro lens and went to the backyard.  I didn’t even notice the ants until I was looking through the lens.  Bonus!

I do have one issue (ok, let’s say another) with macro photography, my eyesight.  Does anyone else have this issue.  I think the subject is in focus, and guess what- it’s not. I have started wearing my readers when I take a macro shot, not very convenient, but it works.  Ok, since I’m being honest, another issue is that I can’t seem to stay still.  Is it time to pull out the tripod for every shot I take? Ugh.  Do most of you use a tripod for Macros?  Any helpful tips?

The first picture, I just liked ;)  The second is, well… the ant.






DOF, trying to get a handle on it




If you follow my blog, you know I love a shallow DOF.  Lately I have been practicing a bit more, trying to improve.  I took these with a Micro (Nikon) lens, so I was very close.  Being so close even an fstop of 11 creates a shallow DOF (something I tend to forget).   More to come :)

f11 1_200f11  1/200


f3.3   1_1600

f3.3  1/1600

macro…. bugs…..