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Baby Cardinal News…

Today has been an exciting day around my house.  As I drank my morning coffee on the patio, I noticed the baby cardinal standing on the edge of its nest.  I could see the baby cardinal without binoculars!  It has grown, after all it is nine days old now.  I managed to get a few pictures early in the morning.  I am glad I did, because around 10am, he decided to fly out of the nest.  Baby didn’t go far, just into the rose bushes near the lemon tree his/her nest has been in.  Baby fluttered around for a few hours in the rose-bush while Mom and Dad feed him/her.  Mom and Dad have been by its side all day.  As I type baby is on the roof, sitting under an oak tree, while Mom and Dad are chirping away in the tree above.

The pictures are from today, nine days old.  Two of baby, one of baby and Dad, and two of squirrels, they are siblings.  I have never seen squirrels lie this way, it’s a bit strange and humorous.








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