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A bit of history, my history that is.

Where to begin.  History: significant events of the past.  Well, I don’t know about you, but my list is a long one.  Even when I just focus on one piece/event, many are intertwined within.  I will start with the pictures below. 1. They are of the Austin State Hospital 2. My Grandparents worked there (mid 50’s-70’s) 3. Location: Austin, Texas.

First…my Grandparents (yes, I realize I am going out of order).  They immigrated after WWII from Hungary.   As a child I remember visiting them in Austin.  Their first home was on the grounds of the Austin State Hospital, as my Grandfather was the Director.  Eventually they did move off the grounds, about five minutes away.   Hungarian was the language of choice, next German, then English.  Of course my Mother did not speak Hungarian, so she didn’t understand most (did I say most? I meant any) of the conversation…but, it did give my sister and I someone to talk to besides each other.  Then there was German, my Grandmother did not speak that and let me tell you, she did not like it when my Dad, Grandfather and Mother would have their secret German conversations (not that they were secret conversations, it’s just what she thought).  English came in last place around the dinner table, but I didn’t mind.

Second…Austin State Hospital (ASH).  The original building, built in 1857, serves as the administration building today.  It is also home to memorabilia (photos, medical equipment, books…), mostly from the early 1900’s.  Originally the facility was named the Texas State Lunatic Asylum, but it was renamed in 1925.  My Grandfather was a Doctor (pathologist) there, not only did he treat patients early in his career, but he also performed autopsies.  The most famous case was Charles Whitman, on August 1, 1966 he killed 16 people on the University of Texas’s campus.  At first my Grandfathers diagnosis was believed to be incorrect, but as time passed all where in agreement with him. My Grandmother worked with him at ASH.  She was a bit strange, but a very sweet woman.  Her love for us (my sister and I) was very apparent.  I could write pages and pages including stories about my Grandparents journeys, both difficult and wonderful.

That leaves Austin…my home.  It’s not actually my home, I grew up in Houston and now live south of Houston, but since the year I was born Austin has always been consistent in my life.  My Grandparents lived there, my parents retired there, my sister went to college there, I lived there, I met my husband there…and now I am fortunate enough to spend many weeks there each year.

Enough about me ;).  The pictures:


The original building.  Built in 1857.




The old glass windows created such interesting reflections.



The Fountain:  ISO 200  f/3.8  1/3200



2 responses

  1. elmediat

    Beautiful compositions. very effective use of perspective and camera angle.

    03.13.2012 at 9:35 pm

    • I enjoy changing the angle, sometimes it works and sometimes, well… I ‘m glad it worked for these images. thanks for commenting. -Kim

      04.14.2012 at 12:30 pm

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