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Mardi Gras…Krewe Ball

A new experience for us (my husband and myself), and what a fun one it was!

We were invited to attend a Mardi Gras Ball, given by the crew that runs one of the Mardi Gras parades.  What a production it was!

The evening started with the King and Queen on their float, being shuttled through the crowd- throwing beads, light up rings, moon pies, doubloons and other various items.  Once the King and Queen made it to the main stage (this one in the center of the room), it was time for their court to appear on stage (this, the stage on the side of the room) – two at a time, and each pair was shuttled through the crowd on a float designed just for them (matching their costumes, of course) taking them to their King & Queen on the main stage. Once the court was introduced, the band began to play and the dancing began (after the main center stage was carried away).  I will confess here, I love disco music ;).  And disco music is what the band played!!! FUN FUN!

Below are some images from the night (except Pelican Elvis).  I did not bring my camera, all these were taken with my iphone.  The quality is not the best, but I imagine you will get the idea of what the night was like.

Pelican Elvis: Taken at a local breakfast diner.

Each group was responsible for decorating their own table (which we discovered that morning). I think we did a pretty good job with what we could find.

This table was the one next to us.  They used their liquor buckets as decorations.  The shoes are a nice touch.  You may also notice the voodoo doll in the center of the table, since the theme was ‘Voodoo’ each table was given one to start their set up.

Here come the King & Queen.

King tossing beads.

Even though you can’t see the Queen tossing beads very well, I like the interesting light pattern in the picture.

King & Queen approaching the main stage.

The Dragon Float.  Amazing detail.

Two other floats I remember, not pictured,  the Rainbow Float with leprechauns tossing beads and a huge Moon Float (red moon on one side, white on the other) with a Good and Evil Witch as passengers.

Laser lights on the stage (don’t forget the fog machines ;)

Friends dancing into the wee hours of the night…….


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