moments in focus…

Louisiana weekend

Recently we took a trip, to Louisiana.  First stop, Lafayette.  Shortly after we arrived we went out to dinner, to a local restaurant that does not rush anyone!  It was so nice to eat and drink and eat and drink and… well, you get the picture.  We had a nice beginning to our visit with our friends.  Next day, off to New Orleans.   The pictures below are from New Orleans, all from a local cemetery.  I still feel a bit strange posting pictures from a cemetery, but there was something so peaceful about that day.  Not just the cemetery, but we drove around the 9th Ward (where the levee broke during hurricane Katrina) and saw some very, well- depressing sites.  BUT (it’s nice to have a but here :), every person we saw, whether walking down the street, sitting on their porch, working on a house or passing us in a car waved at us! Some even said hello.

We also went to a Mardi Gras Ball… more on that later ( quite the educational weekend).








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