moments in focus…

Two bicycles built for one, each.

Can’t you just picture it, little white lights wrapped around a tree, multicolored lights lining the roof tops, snowflakes hanging from the trees…. this list could go on and on.  Some people can be very creative when it comes to displaying their holiday cheer.

Viewing holiday lights it a tradition for us.  This year, we learned a new way to do it.  My husband and I decided that when you drive in a car to look at lights it goes by a little to fast, when you walk- it’s a little to slow, but riding a bike- that is just right.  Not only is it just right, it’s a lot of fun. We bundled up, although here in Texas there wasn’t much to the bundling, grabbed our wine (yes, that’s right, wine in a plastic cup), and off we went.

Keep on the look out, we will be doing that again soon!  Happy Holidays everyone  :)



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