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Tomato Harvest 2011

So many tomatoes!  What to do with them all? 

This roasted tomato recipe called for one pound of tomatoes, I used two.   I also used two more pounds to make as a topping for risotto.  Now I only have six pounds left, not to mention the ripe tomatoes on my plants waiting to come inside.  Believe me, this is not a complaint- really!  There is such satisfaction picking fresh food from your own garden, especially as we learn more about pesticide usage on produce. Before production- yep, the seeds, during production- as produce grows (did you know the use of 30+ (  different pesticides are used on parsley and cilantro), and after production-chemicals pumped into a trucks cargo area during transport to help ripen the produce, or how about organic grapes from other countries- by law they are sprayed with a pesticide upon entering the US- where’s that label?- it’s really all pretty amazing.  

Oh my, if I am not already ranting – I’m about to!  

Back to my original thoughts; tomatoes.  A person would only assume I love tomatoes, I grow them by the bushel (I am guessing), I cook them or use them in salads everyday-well, I can say I like ketchup.  Does that count?  The tomato consumption around here is done by my husband and my mother when she comes for a visit.  

Looks like it’s time to start making ketchup!  


One response

  1. elmediat

    Wonderful shots. I have a few tiny-Tim type tomatoes. The heritage tomatoes have not started flowering yet. Now that I saw your harvest I want tomatoes .

    07.15.2011 at 5:32 pm

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