moments in focus…

stop and smell the rosemary, again :)

Why don’t cameras come with a fully charged battery?  I know, I know… this is a very minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of life. However, as most of us are excited to play with our new toys as soon as they arrive, I was a bit disappointed I  unfortunately could not.  The Sigma DP2s charged overnight and here are few images I shot this morning in the back yard.  I took pictures of the same rosemary plant (different blossom, same plant), so you and I both can compare the outcome.  When you compare the images from todays post to the last post, keep in mind the lighting (much sunnier day with the Coolpix) and I did slightly increase the saturation on the Coolpix image, the ones below are straight out of the camera.



Even with the Sigma’s fixed lens, I think this camera is a keeper.  Yes, there are a few items I would change on the camera, but over all (in my mind) it beats the Nikon Coolpix I recently returned.  Of course it does not by any means beat my D3oo (I had to put a plug in for Nikon, because Nikon still is at the top of my list for DSLRs).


  1. Greater depth of field (even over the Nikon at the same fstop), from the info. I have read I believe the larger image sensor is the reason.
  2. Easier to see! I don’t need to put on my readers to read the screen, the exposure meter reading is not a bar, rather +/- and a number, this is much easier to read on the LCD monitor
  3. Faster, still not FAST, but faster.  At least I can set up for another picture as the last one is processing (could not do this with the Coolpix)


  1. No viewfinder.  Yes, I can purchase one for a bit over $150 – but doubt that will happen.

Now I am not saying there are only three Pros and one Con to this camera, but that is my list after shooting 19 pictures.  Give me some time and I am sure the list will change, hopefully the Pros list will be the one growing!



8 responses

  1. So far…nice! Can’t wait to see more from the P&S!

    03.11.2011 at 12:42 am

  2. Ooooh new toys… GOTTA love new toys… and I am definitely with you on the whole battery front… I hate it when you buy something new, and you can’t turn it on and go straight from the box… I understand the reasons why, but it’s still one of the most agonizing waits there is, waiting for the charge light to finally go out… lol…

    Btw… Very nice shots too, so at least you know it works just fine…

    03.11.2011 at 11:14 am

  3. I like what I’m seeing so far – please post more photos! I want to see what the larger sensor can produce. I almost bought a 4/3 Olympus but I ordered a Canon G12 instead to supplement my LX3. The LX3 produces excellent images but trying to compose only from the LCD can be difficult. Hopefully the combination of a viewfinder and an LCD will work for me. Also, when you get use to the speed of a DSLR, the slowness of these cameras can be frustrating. I think the importance of these cameras is that we keep the camera with us as much as possible and we keep exploring and expanding our vision.

    03.11.2011 at 11:42 pm

    • Paul, you are so right…slow…slow… this one is faster than the Coolpix, but it’s hard to compare to a DSLR. I agree that a p&s is great for the purpose of keeping a camera with us at all times. I love that there is a manual setting, that is the most important feature to me. i was not sure how I would like the fixed lens, but I do – it makes me think more about the photo somehow and that’s a good thing for me. -Kim

      03.12.2011 at 1:31 pm

  4. Yay to new toys :-)
    we’re looking forward to more :-)

    03.12.2011 at 7:33 am

  5. Yay is right :)

    03.12.2011 at 1:33 pm

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