moments in focus…

If you’ve never been to Buc-ee’s….

Typically my husband plays Golf on Fridays (lately, not so much), this particular Friday I joined him for breakfast before he teed off.  And yes, we did eat at Buc-ees, they have great breakfast tacos, scones, biscuits…and of course coffee (actually cappuccino- yum).  If you ever pass a Buc-ee’s, especially one of the big ones [Luling, Wharton, Lake Jackson (some of you are wondering where the heck these place are, all in Texas!)], you should stop.    You can check them out at:


2 responses

  1. Great colors. By the way, I love your header. :)

    10.23.2010 at 12:14 pm

    • thanks :) the header is actually a close up of one of my sunflower pictures from a previous post. The Buc-ees shot was out of the box for me, but I am still trying.

      10.28.2010 at 8:26 am

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