moments in focus…

Is it possible to find ‘some’ vision!?


It has been eight days since my last post.  During those days I have taken pictures, twice in-fact! My first outing was on Monday, I woke up early (not as early as today) and drove in the direction of the beach. Now I say in ‘the direction of’ the beach, because I did not really want to go to the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach and I love going to the beach, it’s just that when I think of a place I could go take pictures, well, it’s the beach – I wanted something new. As you can see from the pictures, I went to the beach. :)  It turned out to be a good thing, no a great thing. First of all the weather was beautiful!  In most place the mosquitos could not keep up with the breeze, so not to many bites, and the sky was clear. I put the top down on my convertible (VW EOS, I love my car!) and had a great day. I am pleased with the images that came from this outing, and that is a big step – saying ‘I am pleased’ with something I did!  I tend to over analyze and criticize my own work, but then many of us do. But that is another blog!

My second outing was today, I drove to the beach. Yep, I intended to this time.  I wanted to catch the sunrise.  I packed my daughters lunch, put her breakfast out and woke her up to say I was leaving and she had 15 minutes more to sleep.  She is 16, so she should be able to manage on her own, she did.  I drove through Buc-ees (a local gas station) and picked up my coffee. When I arrived at the beach the sun was already beginning to tint the sky a soft shade of orange, next time I think I could go earlier (only by 10 minutes). I do like some of the images from today, but not like Mondays. On Monday I had my vision, I could see and feel,  it made a difference.

Enough with the chit-chat (ironic since this is a blog, but it’s more about the pictures than the words, most of the time anyway).

“in the direction of the beach” outing #1






Someone’s sandcastle, this is my favorite.

I can just picture it: as parents look on, their children create this wonderful structure, who knows maybe they even helped.



As not to overwhelm you all ;), I will upload images from “to the beach” outing #2 later this weekend. I also have a few more images, yes I do, from outing #1 which I will add at a later date.


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