moments in focus…


93: the number of photos I took at Captain Mac’s Boat Yard.  Thank goodness for digital cameras, right!?  Well, maybe.  There is something about taking film shots, I think we spend more time studying the subject, deciding on the angle, the light, the background… perhaps they are more thought-provoking up until we release the shutter.  Whether film or digital, the image still tells the story, the same story no matter the medium (or does it).

Of the 93 photos, I had a favorite and my husband had a favorite.  Needless to say, they were not the same image.  Like I have said before “A photo tells the beginning of a story. The beauty of the story is that the person viewing the photo finishes it, they may say it out loud or they may create it in their mind, but it is their’s to create from the image. The story I tell about one of my own photos may not be the same story you would tell, we all see things differently. We are each unique, as it should be.


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