moments in focus…

Devil’s Shores Cactus #2

My plan: Photograph a Yellow Oriole.

I began my search around 8am for this bright little yellow bird.  I did see birds, but the Yellow Oriole was no where in sight.  As I search for the bird, I noticed I was surrounded by sage bushes, all of which had dropped their purple flowers a week prior to my arrival, how sad that I missed it I thought.  Mixed in with the sage I began to see a vibrant magenta color, so I walked into the fields and found small yellow flowers, even smaller purple flowers, sweet soft white flowers and this prickly pear cactus.  Although the blossoms were gone, the prickly pears fruit, cactus figs, remained.

I started this journey with narrowly opened eyes, but as I wandered my eyes opened.  We go through life seeing what we want to see, each of us interpret our surroundings differently, whether those surroundings are full of people or nature.  I am thankful for my ‘open eyes’.

“Be careful how you interpret the world:  It is like that.”  Erich Heller


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